Child Safety

Blinds are necessary to provide privacy, security and also to decorate your home, but there are cautions to be taken with window blinds in regards to young children and infants. For any parent, keeping children safe from harm is very important, whether is their own children or simply children visiting the home. All Blinds fitted by Gerard Malone Blinds Ltd will be fitted with the recommended safety device.

The safety device is a clear plastic component.

For Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds, the chain is attached to the retainer which is then fitted and secured to the side wall.

For Venetian Blinds, 2 cord cleats are fitted to the side wall. The cord is then wrapped around the cord cleats to make the figure 8. This will keep the cords out of reach of children.

For Vertical Blinds, the top rail is manufactured with a rod control operation which moves the vanes each way and tilt the blind open and closed. The rod control is no danger to children and requires no safety device.

Please be aware that all caution will be taken from Gerard Malone Blinds Ltd to fit all recommended safety devices to Blinds fitted, however it is still the responsibility of parents to supervise children around Blind cords and chains. Children may stand on furniture in an attempt to reach cords/chains.